To help raise awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing amongst a 7-11 year old audience, NHS Brighton & Hove CCG has commissioned the development of a short story, ‘Flo & The Funny Feelings,’ which has been written by TV presenter and Childline counsellor, Anna Williamson. The story focuses on a 9-year-old girl who is experiencing worry, stress and anxiety for the very first time.

Accompanying the story, Personal, social, health and economic (PHSE) leads have delivered a lesson plan that has been tried and tested in selected primary schools across Brighton and Hove. The lesson sits within a PHSE framework that allows teachers to explore the issues raised in the story in a safe way with a clear learning outcome.

The NHS recognises that parents and carers may need some help to support their children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, so YMCA Right Here have developed a Parents & Carer Guide. It is full of advice and information on how to begin conversations and recognise signs, as well as suggestions on where to get further help.

All of this content is included in an NHS Primary Schools Mental Health Toolkit which is available to download for free by registering below.

To download your copy of the short story and Parents & Carer Guide, please complete the form below.  The PHSE lesson plan will be available shortly.